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As the oldest British international school in Thailand, we are proud to embody the best of British values with an international outlook. Our curriculum is broad and balanced. From Nursery to Year 13, it links to the English National Curriculum with assessments taking place at key points. We are committed to the rigour of British education and emphasise hard work, integrity, strong moral principles and fairness. We provide diverse opportunities for our students to explore new areas and discover their passions. Our strong pastoral system supports student well-being and allows them to fulfil their potential.

We are a truly international school with a very diverse student body. We develop global citizens and world perspectives are woven throughout the curriculum and extra-curricular programmes. We embrace the IB (International Baccalaureate) Learner Profile and students complete the IB Diploma Programme in their last two years at school. Our values of being diverse and inclusive and empowered by our inter-culturalism make us proud to be part of this caring British international community. We are proud to see our students develop into respectful contributors to local and global communities. Bangkok Patana is a not-for-profit school. The Board and management are the stewards of our organisation and they act on our core values of well-being, learning and global citizenship.

At Bangkok Patana, we leverage our experience with the adoption of leading-edge pedagogical practices. More than 80% of our teachers are recruited from the UK or from British international schools. All our teachers are fully certified and we have a strong professional development culture to ensure they remain at the forefront of pedagogy. Our teachers and students have been an integral part of campus development resulting in learning environments that are amongst the best in Asia.

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